Monitoring and Evaluation, Where You Come in
Good thinking creates the Foundation for good results. *** *** Good thinking increases your Potential *** *** Good thinking produces more good thinking if you make it a Habit *** *** Changed thinking is not automatic *** *** Changed thinking is Difficult *** *** Changed thinking is worth the investment *** *** Changed thinking is the best gift you can give yourself and others. *** *** Changing your thinking changes your beliefs *** *** Changing your beliefs changes your Expectations *** *** Changing your expectations changes your attitude *** *** Changing your attitude changes your behavior *** *** Changing your behavior changes your Performance *** *** Changing your Performance changes your life *** *** What you are doing at the moment speaks louder than who you are….HS.ayoola *** *** Rehearse for a Reality…HS.ayoola *** *** There is always a sure-price to pay for every surprise…HS.ayoola ***

Monitoring and Evaluation

There will be quarterly review of teen’s participants. There will be a feedback mechanism  from teenagers, parents, teenager’s coordinators and Church pastors. Evaluation of the programme shall also be conducted using the specific objectives as bench mark. 


Where You Come in

This laudable project depends on God and people like you for its success. Like the building of the Temple in the book of Nehemiah, let us partner to build a fresh breed of Teenagers, who knows the Word, live the Word and can teach the Word, in this generation and time. Please find below, specific area of need you may wish to contribute to. Various gifts will be packaged and given to our contestants, these gifts will be packaged in such a way to place adverts for our sponsors.




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The Message this week

Preacher: Pastor Tayo Okunlola
Topic:Meekness: A Pathway to Abundant Fruitfulness
Text: Psalm 37:11, Numbers 12: 1- 16

1. Meekness is a virtue that can be identified in life
2. Meekness as a virtue: it can correctly position a man for greatness
3. Meekness is a path to peace and prosperity

Three Things about meekness
1. Meekness is a total lack of self pride
2. Meekness is power under control
3. Meekness is treating others with respect

Prayer Band - Tue. 6-7.30pm *** Vistation Committee - Tue. 6pm *** Lydia Auxillary - Wed. 4.30-6pm *** Women Missionary Union - Wed. 4.30-6pm *** Royal Ambassador - Wed. 5-6pm *** Church Bible Study - Wed. 6-7pm *** Church Prayer Service - Wed. 7-8pm *** Youth Fellowship - Thurs. 6-7pm *** Royal Priesthood Adult Choir - Thurs. 5-6pm *** Priesthood Family Fellowship - Fri. 1-2pm *** Girls Auxillary - Fri. 4-5pm *** Royal Priesthood Mass Choir - Fri. 5-8pm *** Sunday School Prep. Class - Sat. 3.30-5pm *** Evangelism Committee - Sat. 2-4pm *** Solution Hour - Last Sat. of every month. 6-7am *** Drama Ministry - Sat. 5-6.30pm *** Choreography - Sat. 7-9pm *** Men Missionary Union - Sun. 12.30pm *** Discipleship - Sun. 5pm

Church Needs

The Church is in need of: *Evangelism Bus  *Projector

These are avenues of blessing, consider investing in these kingdom projects. You can talk to the pastor if you need more information or if you want to be used of the Lord.

Discipleship Programs

Take your Spiritual Development serious in the New Year, participate in discipleship programs. We have about ten different stages. See Pastor Tayo Abiola to guide you on this.

Pastor's Inbox

Meekness is not stupidity, foolishness or weakness. Rather, it has to do with asking "what would jesus do in this situation?" Remember God is counting on you to be His ambassador. May he find you dependable in Jesus' name.
"Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth" Mathew 5:5

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